Patient support

The Rare Together Patient Support Program provides a complimentary structured support service for patients with rare diseases who are taking Sanofi therapies, and for their treating clinicians. As a complement to Rare Together, Sanofi Canada offers the Rare Disease Specialty Testing Program, which can support clinicians in monitoring disease progression and response to therapy, as well as covering immunogenicity and adverse event-related testing.

For patients with rare diseases on Sanofi therapy, Sanofi Canada offers the Rare Together Patient Support Program. The goal of Rare Together is to offer customized support throughout the entire treatment journey.

Rare Together aims to help address barriers and to support access to treatment and services, and is guided by the three Cs: Care, Communication, and Commitment to patients.

Rare Together can support with specialty pharmacy services, reimbursement navigation, patient education, and in-clinic or in-home drug administration for infusion therapies.

Specialty testing program

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